om namah shivaya  

He had a crown. He was bedecked in great ornaments. His lotus like face beamed with pleasure. Such was the lord resembling ten million Cupids that I saw still not out of delusion.

At the sight of that beautiful form I was struck with wonder. On seeing the four armed Narayana, shining like Kala, of golden hue, the immanent soul of all in that form, of large arms depicting the Sat and Asat in Himself I became delighted.

Deluded by the illusion of Siva, the sportive lord, I could not recognize my progenitor in him. I addressed him with delight.

Who are you? Please tell me, saying this I tried to wake the Eternal Being. I tried to wake him up with fiercer and firmer beatings of the hand.

Then the lord who had self-control woke up from his bed and sat. He looked up with his pure eyes resembling a wet lotus, due to sleep.

As I stood there quietly, the lord Visnu spread his brilliance over me. Standing up he smiled once and welcomed me as Dear Child, Pitamaha of great brilliance.

Brahma said-

O faultless one, how is it that you speak of me trivially as Dear child, me who am the cause of annihilation of everything, as a preceptor addresses his disciple?

I am the creator of worlds, the direct activiser of Prakrti, unborn, the eternal, all pervasive Brahma. I am born of Visnu. I am the soul of universe, the originator, the creator, and the lotus eyed. You must explain to me quickly why you speak like this.

The Vedas speak of me invariably as self born, unborn, all pervasive, grandfather, self-governed and the excellent supreme Being.

BVisnu said-

I know you as the creator of the world. For the sake of creation and support you are descended from my undecaying limbs. You have forgotten me, who am a lord of universe, abiding in waters the salubrious, and the supreme soul, invoked by many, praised by many. All pervasive, imperishable, ruler, the source and origin of universe, the long armed and the omnipresent lord. There is no doubt in this that you are born of the lotus from my umbilicus.

Of course, it is not your fault. I have exercised my power over you. I am the lord of all Gods. I am the creator, sustainer and destroyer. There is no powerful person equal to me. O pitamaha, I am the supreme Brahman, the greatest Truth.

I am the greatest light. I am the great Atman. I am the omnipresent . O four faced one, whatever in seen or heard today in the whole universe, whether mobile or immobile is enveloped by me. It was I who created the twenty four manifest Tattvas.

I have created the atoms. I have created the anger, fear etc. I have created the Intellect and the three fold Ego therein. I have evolved the five subtle elements, the mind, the body and the sense organ. I have created the elements Ether etc. and all created beings out of sheer sport. Realizing this, O brahma, the lord of subjects, seek refuge in me.

I shall certainly protect you from all miseries.

Brahma said-

Deluded by the illusion created by Siva the great lord, I fought a terrific battle with Visnu.

Inimical to each other due to Rajoguna, we fought a fierce battle in the middle of that vast expanse of the sea of Dissolution.

Meanwhile a phallic image appeared before us in order to enlighten us and to settle out dispute.

It had no beginning, middle or end. It had neither decreased nor increased. It was as furious as hundreds of the fire of death with thousands of leaping rows of flames.

It was unequalled, inexpressible unmanifest universal Being. The lord Visnu became unconscious by its thousand flames.

When I too became senseless, Visnu said to me, Oh, why do you contend with me now ? A third person has now come. Let our quarrel cease.

Whence has this arisen ? Let us examine this fire-Being. I shall go down to find the root of this matchless column of fire.

O lord of subjects, with the speed of the wind you will please go up to examine its top.

Having said so, Visnu assumed the form of a boar.O sage, I became a swan immediately.

From that time onwards, people call me Hamsa-Hamsa, a supreme Being, Virat, an illustrious Being. He who repeats Hamsa Hamsa, shall become a swan.

Very white of complexion and endowed with wings on either side I flew up and up with the speed of the mind and wind.

Narayana, the soul of the universe too, became white then. His body was ten yojanas wide and a hundred yojanas long, as huge as the mountain Meru. He had white sharp teeth. His brilliance resembled the sun at the time of dissolution. His snort was long and his roar tremendous. His feet were short. His limbs were of diverse colors. His form as the boar was of matchless firmness, which assured his eagerness to be victorious, and he went down quickly.

For a thousand years his downward course continued. From that time onwards Visnu came to be called Svetavaraha white Boar in all the worlds.

A Kalpa had elapsed according to human calculation when Visnu thus went down and wandered in his eagerness to come out victorious.

The Boar did not find even the smallest trace of the root of the Linga. O destroyer of enemies, I too spent the same time in going up.

From a desire to know its top as quickly as possible I exerted myself and was exhausted. Unable to see the top I came down after some time.

Similarly, lord Visnu, the lotus-eyed, too became weary. Appearing like the lord of everything in his huge body he too rose up.

As soon as he came up, we bowed to Siva again and again. He stood aside with a gloomy mind as he too was deluded by the illusion of Siva.

We bowed down to Linga at his back, sides and in front. He mused within himself What can this be?

That form cant be directly expressed. It is without action and name. Without any sex-distinction it has become a linga. It is beyond the path of meditation.

Both of us, Hari and I, with the peace of our minds, became eager to perform obeisance.

We do not know Thy true form, what Thou art Thiu art, O great lord. Obeisance be to Thee, O Mahesana. Please hurry up to reveal Thy form to us.

Thus performing obeisance and prayer to quell our earlier pride, O foremost of sages, we spent a hundred autumns therein.

The description of the body of Sabdabrahman

Brahma said:

Siva, the protector of the distressed, remover of the haughtiness of the haughty and the undecaying lord of every thing took mercy on us. There arose the sound Om Om in the prolated accent. It was very clear. The divine sound in form of a word came out from the most excellent of Gods.

Visnu who is worthy of respect from all the gods saw the eternal beings manifestations on the right side of the Linga. First he saw the syllable A like the blazing sphere of the sun and he saw the syllable U dazzling like fire there after. He saw the syllable M glittering like the lunar sphere in the middle and Nada the mystical sound in the form Om in the end. Above that he saw the supreme Brahman, the greatest refuge. It had the luster of the pure crystal.

Visnu meditated on universal soul and wished to examine the source whence the Fire-column arose and to go deep down the unequalled fiery column. Then there came a sage who told him the essence of the truth. Visnu realized the sage himself was the great lord the supreme Brahman embodied in the SabdaBrahman the mystic syllable Om.

The Brahman is Rudra free from worries. The words and the mind are incapable of comprehending it; without reaching it they retuned. The single- syllable mantra Om can express it.

The supreme Brahman, the Truth, the Bliss, the Amrta, the greatest of the great and the ultimate can be expressed by the single-syllable mantra.

The single syllable A is the source of the lord Brahma. The single syllable U is the source of Visnu, the ultimate cause.

The single syllable M is the source of Rudra. The letter A expresses the creator. The letter U expresses the enchanter.

The being expressed by the letter M blesses always. It is all-pervasive and progenitor; the letter A is the seed. The being expressed by the letter U is Visnu. It is the source, the primordial nature and the primordial being, the progenitor, the seed, source and sound. All these constitute Lord Siva.

The progenitor is stationed after dividing it self. From the Linga of the progenitor, the, lord arose the seed the syllable A. The Bija being deposited in the Yoni, the letter U began to increase all round. It became a golden egg. It was some thing known which could not be delineated.

The divine egg floated in the waters for many years. Then at the end of thousand years, it split into two giving birth to Brahma. The egg floating in waters on being hit by Isvara split into two. The auspicious golden upper lid became the upper region and the lower one became the Earth of five characteristics. From (the inner part of) the egg was born the four-faced lord Brahma.

He is the creator of all the worlds. He alone is the lord manifesting in three Forms. Persons well versed in the yajurveda call it Om Om. On hearing the words of Yajurveda, both the Rgveda and the Samaveda respectfully called us Visnu and Brahma. Then realizing the lord of the Gods we eulogized, as far as we could, Lord Siva, the cause of great achievement.


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