om namah shivaya  

The description of the body of Sabdabrahman

Brahma said:

Siva, the protector of the distressed, remover of the haughtiness of the haughty and the undecaying lord of every thing took mercy on us. There arose the sound Om Om in the prolated accent. It was very clear. The divine sound in form of a word came out from the most excellent of Gods.

Visnu who is worthy of respect from all the gods saw the eternal beings manifestations on the right side of the Linga. First he saw the syllable A like the blazing sphere of the sun and he saw the syllable U dazzling like fire there after. He saw the syllable M glittering like the lunar sphere in the middle and Nada the mystical sound in the form Om in the end. Above that he saw the supreme Brahman, the greatest refuge. It had the luster of the pure crystal.

Visnu meditated on universal soul and wished to examine the source whence the Fire-column arose and to go deep down the unequalled fiery column. Then there came a sage who told him the essence of the truth. Visnu realized the sage himself was the great lord the supreme Brahman embodied in the SabdaBrahman the mystic syllable Om.

The Brahman is Rudra free from worries. The words and the mind are incapable of comprehending it; without reaching it they retuned. The single- syllable mantra Om can express it.

The supreme Brahman, the Truth, the Bliss, the Amrta, the greatest of the great and the ultimate can be expressed by the single-syllable mantra.

The single syllable A is the source of the lord Brahma. The single syllable U is the source of Visnu, the ultimate cause.

The single syllable M is the source of Rudra. The letter A expresses the creator. The letter U expresses the enchanter.

The being expressed by the letter M blesses always. It is all-pervasive and progenitor; the letter A is the seed. The being expressed by the letter U is Visnu. It is the source, the primordial nature and the primordial being, the progenitor, the seed, source and sound. All these constitute Lord Siva.

The progenitor is stationed after dividing it self. From the Linga of the progenitor, the, lord arose the seed the syllable A. The Bija being deposited in the Yoni, the letter U began to increase all round. It became a golden egg. It was some thing known which could not be delineated.

The divine egg floated in the waters for many years. Then at the end of thousand years, it split into two giving birth to Brahma. The egg floating in waters on being hit by Isvara split into two. The auspicious golden upper lid became the upper region and the lower one became the Earth of five characteristics. From (the inner part of) the egg was born the four-faced lord Brahma.

He is the creator of all the worlds. He alone is the lord manifesting in three Forms. Persons well versed in the yajurveda call it Om Om. On hearing the words of Yajurveda, both the Rgveda and the Samaveda respectfully called us Visnu and Brahma. Then realizing the lord of the Gods we eulogized, as far as we could, Lord Siva, the cause of great achievement.

Description of Sivatattva

Brahma said

He had five faces and three eyes, and the crescent moon on his forehead, with matted hairs. He was white complexioned and had wide eyes. His body was dusted with the ashes. He had ten arms. His neck was blue in color. He was bedecked with all ornaments. He was very handsome with respect to every limb. Three ash-lines marked His forehead.

On seeing Siva accompanied by his consort, Visnu along with me eulogized Him again with appropriate words, Siva the merciful, who was delighted breathed the Vedas into Visnu and conferred Perfect Knowledge on him, the secret of the supreme Atman. After receiving the Vedas, Visnu was satisfied and bowing to Him with palms joined in reverence along with me asked the Lord Siva, How are you propitiated?

Siva said:

Look upon me as a great deity. Cast off all you fears. Worship my Linga and do meditate upon the form, which you see just before you.

When I am worshipped in the phallic form I will be delighted and will bestow different benefits upon all people, all that they wish for in their minds. O foremost among all deities, whenever any misery befalls you, it shall be destroyed when my Linga is worshipped.

O strong ones, you two are born of my own Prakriti, out of my left and right sides, Brahma from my right and Visnu from my left side. I am the supreme

Atman. I am the lord of every thing.

Although Nirguna, I am Saguna too and the author of dissolution, maintenance and creation. I am the supreme Brahman without decay and change. Existence, Knowledge and Bliss are my characteristics. Truly, I am Niskala, Nirguna, and forever. For the activities of creations and maintenance and dissolution I manifest my self in the three forms of Brahma, Visnu and Hara.

A great form similar to this shall become manifest in the world through your body. He will be called Rudra. His capacity will never be less, since He will be my own part and parcel. He is I. I am he. In the mode worship too there is no difference. Hence Siva and Rudra shall not be considered different.

Siva said you two are born of Prakrti but not Rudra. My command is carried to that place through Brahmas eyebrows. I am therefore spoken of as Tamasa and Prakrta, Hara in respect to the Gunas alone and shall be known as Vaikarika too, which is actually the Ahamkara, the Ego. That is called Tamasa only in name and not in reality. For this reason Brahma shall be the creator and Hari the protector.

My would-be part shall be the cause of dissolution. This goddess Uma, Paramesvari is the Prakriti. Her Sakti, the goddess of speech shall resort to Brahma. Another Sakti arising out of the Prakriti will resort to Visnu in the form of Laksmi. Another Sakti Kali will surely share my part.

Visnu be the bestower of salvation too at my bidding. The benefit accruing from your vision will be same as that from mine. This boon is given to you now. It is the truth. Visnu is in my heart and I am in Visnus heart.

I am author of creation, protection and dissolution by the attributes Rajas etc. But I am different from these Gunas and directly beyond Prakriti and Purusa. I am the supreme Brahma, the eternal, the endless, the perfect and the unsullied.

Then Visnu has Tamas within but Sattvas outside. He is the protector of the three worlds. Hara who causes dissolution of three worlds has Sattava within but Tamas out side. Brahma who creates the three worlds has Rajas both within and without. This is the position of the Gunas in three deities. Siva is spoken of as different from the Gunas.

You and Brahma shall worship Rudra. The author of dissolution of the three worlds is the complete incarnation of Siva.

Siva said o Visnu you are to be meditated upon by Rudra and Rudra is to be meditated upon by you. There is no difference between Rudra and You.

You will assume the form of the vital airs in every one at my bidding. At the time of distress my manifestation Rudra shall be worshipped.

He who has sought refuge in you has certainly sought refuge in me. He who differentiates will certainly fall into hell.

Listen to the span of life of the deities Brahma, Visnu and Hara. There shall not be any doubt in this respect.

A thousand sets of the four-yuga periods constitute of Brahma, the period of night is also similar. Further measurement of time is based on this calculation. Thirty such days (days and nights) constitute one month and twelve months one year. The span of life of Brahma is hundred such years.

One year of Brahma constitute one day of Visnu. Then Visnu lives for hundred years in his own calculations. One year of Visnu constitute one day of Rudra. When a hundred year passes, Rudra assumes the form of Nara (supreme man). He stays like that as long as Sadasiva retains the breath. When He exhales he merges into Sakti.

Visnu said o Sankara, the ocean of mercy, the lord of the universe, be pleased to hear. I shall do all these things strictly adhering at your behests.

I shall always meditate upon you. I would not act otherwise. I have already experienced you omni potency. O lord if any one of my devotees were to censure you, you will please assign perpetual residence in hell to him.

O lord, who ever be your devotee shall also be my favourite. He who knows and realizes this shall not find salvation inaccessible to him.

The rite of the worship of the Linga is instituted ever since in world. Siva installed in the Linga bestows worldly pleasures and salvation. The great goddess is the pedestal for the Linga. The Linga is Lord Siva Himself. Since the whole universe finally merges into in, it is called Linga.


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