om namah shivaya  

Being struck with wonder on seeing the girl, Narada asked the king, who the lovely girl was comparable to celestial damsels?On hearing the words of the sage, the king replied with his palms joined in reverence that, she was his daughter Srimati. She has attained the marriageable age. She is in search of a qualified bridegroom. She has all charms and accomplishments and her Svayamvara is imminent. The king then asked the sage to foretell her destiny, everything that was in her horoscope and also what sort of a husband she would get.

By the time these words were spoken Narada had become an agitated victim of love and desired her. He told the king, that his daughter was endowed with all characteristics: She is highly fortunate and blessed like Laksmi. She is an abode of all qualities. Her future husband would certainly be a splendid God, lord of all, unvanquished, heroic, on a par with Siva, and Vying with Kamadeva. Having said this, the casual visitor Narada took leave of the king. Deluded by Sivas Maya he was extremely oppressed by love. The sage began to muse as to how he would get her and how would she woo him amongst the princes in the Svayamvara hall?

He thought that a comely appearance appeals to all women in every respect and only by seeing a charming personality would she become enamored. Thinking thus, Narada who was agitated by love, went to Visnuloka somehow to acquire Visnus form to captivate her. He saluted Visnu and said that he shall tell him secretly about his affairs entirely.

When Visnu who did everything according to Sivas wish agreed and asked him to narrate, the sage told him that the king Silanidhi was one of his devotees and was a riteous king and that his daughter Srimati was a maiden of very fair complexion and wide eyes. She had the luster of Jaganmohini and was the most beautiful woman in all the three worlds. Then he expressed his desire to marry her. He told lord Visnu that the king at the request of the princess had arranged for a Svayamvara in which thousands of Princes were invited from all the four quarters.

He requested Visnu for a favor that was to grant him with a splendid form so that he would be able to gain her certainly. He said that she would not put the wedding garland round his neck without the lords splendid form. He pleaded the lord to give him his beautiful form so that the princess Srimati would choose him. On hearing these words of the sage, Visnu, the slayer of Madhu demon laughed and sympathetically replied, bearing in mind the overwhelming power of Siva that he would do whatever would be beneficent in the same manner as of a physician doing whatever is good to the patient.

After saying thus, Visnu blessed the sage with a form like his own and the face of Hari( i.e. the monkey since the word Hari means a monkey also). The lord then vanished. The sage thus consoled became highly delighted on receiving Haris form. He was contented but did not know the scheme behind the scene.

The great sage Narada hastened to the place where Svayamvara was to be held and where princes had assembled. The Svayamvara hall was splendidly decorated and graced by many princes shone like another council-chamber of Indra.Narada too went in and sat down in the hall of his king. With his mind surging with love he began to think that she would choose only him since he was in Visnus form. The poor sage did not know the ugly character of his face.

The men assembled there saw the sage only in his old form, the princes and others did not know the difference created therein. Two of the attendants of Rudra knew the difference. They had come there in guise of Brahmins in order to protect him.

Considering the sage a fool, the two attendants sat near the sage and began mocking at him seemingly conversing between themselves that Naradas features were as splendid as Visnus, but the face as that of a monkey deformed and awful.The sage overwhelmed by love did not heed their whisper. He went on gazing at the princess Srimati and was eager to get her.In the meantime, the princess had come out of the harem surrounded by ladies in waiting. The comely maiden came to the hall.

With the beautiful golden garland in her hands, the princess of auspicious features, shone in the middle of the Svayanvara hall like goddess Laksmi. The princess in search of a suitable bridegroom went round the hall with the garland in her hands. On seeing the sage with the face of a monkey and the body of Visnu she was infuriated. Averting her eyes she went elsewhere being distressed in her mind. Failing to find a bridegroom of her choice she was afraid. She remained in the middle of the hall and did not put the garland round the neck of anyone.

Meanwhile Visnu came there in the guise of a king. He was not seen by anyone. Only the princess saw him.Then on seeing Visnu, her lotus like face beamed. The comely lady put the garland round his neck. Lord Visnu in the guise of a king took her with him and vanished from there immediately back to his own abode. The assembled princes lost their hope of getting Srimati. The sage oppressed by love became excessively agitated.

Immediately the two attendants of Rudra, of perfect wisdom, disguised as Brahmins told Narada that his effort was in vain as his face was as despicable as that of a monkey. On hearing their words Narada was surprised. Deluded by Sivas Maya he looked into a mirror and on seeing his face like that of a monkey he became infuriated. The deluded sage cursed the two attendants to become demons born of brahminical semen and of that form since they had mocked at him.

On hearing the curse, the two attendants of perfect wisdom remained silent because they knew that the sage was deluded. They returned to their abode and sitting there quietly went on eulogizing Siva. They considered everything as Sivas will.


After cursing the two attendants of Siva suitably, the sage still under the earlier delusion looked into the water and saw that his face was quite normal. It was also due to Sivas will. Thereupon recollecting that it might have been a deception of Hari, he became unbearably infuriated and went to Visnuloka. There he angrily poured abusive words blazing like kindled fire since his wisdom had vanished due to Sivas will.

Narada accused Visnu, of being extremely wicked and a deceptive enchanter of the world. He also said that he was unable to brook others enthusiastic success and that he dabbles in illusory tactics and his intentions were always dirty. He also said that formerly he assumed the form of an enchantress and showed his deceptive power and he made the demons drink liquor and not the nectar.

Narada said to Visnu-If out of pity Siva had not drunk poison, all your illusory tactics would have been quelled since you take pleasure only in deception.

O Visnu, a deceptive path is extremely attractive to you. You had never been of saintly nature, but the lord made you free from control.

What is done by Siva the supreme Atman does not seem proper. Thinking of your influence and strength when you act independently and seeing the way you go He has now repented. He has announced that a Brahmin is superior to all, thereby making the Vedas pronounced by Him authoritative.

O Visnu, knowing that, I shall now teach you through that power so that hereafter you will never do such things.

You are fearless because till now you have not come into clash with an equally powerful person. Now you will derive the fruit of your own deeds.

After saying this, the sage still under the influence of Maya furiously cursed Visnu, thereby exhibiting the superiority of his brahminical power.

O Visnu, the enchanter that you are, you made me distressed for the sake of woman. O Hari, you shall experience misery in that human form which you imitated while proceeding with your deceptive tactics. Your allies will be those whose face you assigned to me.

O inflictor of miseries upon others, you shall get the misery of separation from a woman. You shall have the travails of a human being deluded by ignorance.

Thus Narada, deluded himself by ignorance, cursed Hari. Visnu quietly accepted the cause praising the Maya of Sambhu.

Thereafter Siva, of great divine sport withdrew his enchanting Maya whereby Narada became wise and free from delusion.

When the Maya vanished he became as intelligent as before, regaining perfect knowledge and becoming free from distress. He was surprised. He cursed himself after repenting again and again. He praised the Maya of Siva, which could enchant even wise people.

On realizing his mistakes due to illusion, Narada, the most excellent of the devotees of Visnu, fell at his feet.

Consoled by Hari and freed from wicked ideas he apologized to Visnu that being deluded and evil-minded he had spoken many wicked words to him and he pleaded to make them ineffective. He realized that he had committed a great sin and for that he would certainly be falling into a hell.

He asked Hari to direct him what to do whereby he would destroy his sins and prevent his downfall into hell.Saying thus, the excellent sage once again fell at Visnus feet and with the mind purified repented sincerely.Thereupon Visnu lifted him up and spoke affably and courteously.Visnu said-Do not be sorry too much. Undoubtedly you are my true devotee.Dear sage, now listen. I shall tell you what is certainly beneficial to you. You will not fall into hell. Siva will make you happy.Deluded by your haughtiness you disobeyed the instructions of Siva. The true bestower of fruits according to the actions. He has given you this result.

Be sure in your mind that everything has happened in accordance with Sivas wish. That lord Siva, the supreme lord, removes haughtiness.He is the supreme Brahman; the supreme Atman, Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. He is free from the three Gunas, changes and deviations. He is beyond Rajas, Sattva and Tamas.He is both Saguna and Nirguna. He Himself availing of his own Maya manifests into three forms- Brahma, Visnu and Mahesa.

In his attributeless pure form He is glorified as Siva, the supreme Atman, Mahesara, the supreme Brahman, the undecaying, the endless, and Mahadeva.Serving him, Brahma becomes the creator and I the sustainer of the worlds. He himself in the manifestation as Rudra is the annihilator always.Different from Maya, the pure Being in the form of Siva is the Saksin and moving about according to his will and indulging in divine sport He blesses his devotees.O sage Narada please listens to a good remedy that bestows happiness removes all sins and yields worldly pleasures and salvation.

Cast off all your doubts. Sing the songs of noble glory of Siva. With your mind not turning to anything else, always repeat the hundred names of Siva and his hymns.By this Japa all of your sins will perish instantaneously. After saying this to Narada, Visnu continued mercifully.O" sage, do not be grief-stricken. Nothing has been perpetrated by you. It was Siva who did everything. There is no doubt in this. It was lord Mahesvara who deluded your splendid intellect and made you suffer on account of love. It was he who made you His mouthpiece and cursed me.

In this manner the great Conqueror of Death, Kala of Kala, always devoted to the uplift of his devotees, made His own conduct of life manifest in the world.There is no other lord and master so loving and pleasure inspiring unto me as Siva. The same Paramesvara bestows all power on me. O sage, perform His adoration. Worship him always. Hear and sing his glory. Perpetually pay him homage.


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