om namah shivaya  

He who approaches Siva by means of his body, mind and speech is a great scholar. He is called a living liberated soul. The name Siva blazing like the forest conflagration reduces mountainous heaps of great sins to ashes without any difficulty. The different kinds of miseries arising from sins shall be destroyed only through the worship of Siva, and not through other means. He who always seeks refuge in Siva, O sage, is the real follower of the Vedas, a meritorious soul and a blessed scholar. He must resort to Him by means of his body, speech and mind forever.

The different sacred rites of those who have full faith in the worship of Siva, the destroyer of Tripura become fruitful instantaneously. O great sage, there are not so many sins in the world as the worship of Siva is capable of destroying. The sins relating to persons who cross the ocean of worldly existence in the raft of Sivas names, perish undoubtedly. The sins that are at the root of worldly existence are destroyed certainly by the axe of Sivas name.

Persons scorched and distressed by the conflagration of sins must drink the nectar of Sivas names. Without that there is no peace and tranquility to those who are scorched and distressed by the sins wild fire. Those who are drenched by the downpour of the nectarine names of Siva are not distressed in the midst of the conflagration of worldly existence. There is no doubt in this. Immediate salvation can be achieved only by the people who have performed penance in various lives. They alone will have devotion for Siva the cherished consort of Parvati. Men who frequently indulge in passions of love and hatred will never have devotion for Siva.

The devotion for Siva that extends to other deities is futile. It is necessary to be exclusively devoted to Siva. It is my conviction that salvation is easy of access only to the person who has exclusive and unflinching devotion for Siva and not for any other. Even if he commits endless sins, he will be freed from them all, if he has true devotion for Siva. There is no doubt about it. Just as trees in the forest are reduced to ashes in the wild fire so also the sins of the devotees of Siva are burnt away in the fire of Sivas name.

He who is ever devoted to the worship of Siva with his body purified by the ash, definitely crosses the terrible and endless expanse of the ocean of worldly existence. A man serving the three-eyed Siva is never sullied by sins even if he misappropriates a brahmins wealth or kills many Brahmins. After going through all the Vedas this has been definitely concluded by ancestors that the sole means of destroying worldly existence is the worship of Siva.

From now onwards you shall always worship lord Siva who is Samba and Sadasiva, with care, effort and due observance of the rules of procedure. Dusting profusely and carefully your body from head to foot with the particles of ashes, you shall perform the Japa of the six-syllabled mantra,Om Namaha Shivaya, of Siva, well known in all the Vedas. You shall wear on the different parts of your body Rudraksa beads pleasing to Siva, repeating the respective mantras with devotion and observing the rules of procedure.

Listen to Sivas anecdotes forever. Narrate the stories of Siva always. Strenuously worship the devotees of Siva again and again. Without blundering ever seek refuge in Siva, because a perpetual worship of Siva bestows bliss.

Bearing the lotus like feet of Siva within your pure heart, carry on at first the pilgrimage to various holy centers of Siva, O excellent sage. Observing the unrivalled greatness of Siva, the supreme Atman, O sage, you must next go to Anandavana, which is a great favorite of Siva. Seeing Siva, the lord of the universe there, worship him with devotion. After bowing to him and eulogizing Him you will become free from all doubts.

Thereafter you must go to Brahmaloka, to achieve your wishes. That is my command to you out of love. After bowing to and specifically eulogizing your father Brahma, you shall ask him many points regarding Sivas greatness with an endearing mind. Brahma, the foremost among the devotees of Siva, will narrate to you the greatness of Siva as well as the hymn of hundred names, out of love. From now onwards become a devotee of Siva, solely devoted to Siva. You will be liberated. Siva will grant you his special blessings. After advising the sage thus, Visnu was pleased. Remembering, saluting and eulogizing Siva he vanished from that place.


Suta said-

O Brahmins, when Visnu vanished, the excellent sage Narada roamed over the Earth seeing Siva lingas with piety.

In the course of his wanderings over the Earth, O Brahmins, with his mind full of devotional pleasure he saw many forms of Siva that confer worldly pleasures and salvation on the devotees.

On knowing that Narada of divine vision was wandering over the Earth, the two attendants of Siva approaching him who by that time had become pure in mind.

They bowed to him and touched his feet. With a desire to secure release from the curse they spoke to him respectfully.

The attendants of Siva said-

O celestial sage, son of Brahma, please hear our words. We who formerly offended you are really not Brahmins.

O brahminical sage, we , your former offenders, are the attendants of Siva. Induced by Siva you had cursed us when your mind was deluded by the illusory infatuation for the princess at the Svayamvara. Realizing that the occasion was inopportune we kept quiet then.

We reaped the fruit of our own action. No one is to be blamed for it. O lord, be pleased. Bless us now.

Suta said-

On hearing the words of the attendants uttered with devotion and respect, the sage replied lovingly, repenting.

Narada said-

O attendants of lord Siva, most worthy of the respect of good people, please listen to my words now free from delusion. They are true and shall make you happy.

Formerly my mind had been depraved. Certainly it was Sivas will. In that state of delusion and crookedness of the mind I had unfortunately cursed both of you.

What I have said is bound to happen. Still, O Ganas listen. I shall tell you the way of redemption from the curse. Please forgive my sin now.

You will be born as demons from the semen virile of a great sage and due to his power you will secure the commanding position of the king of demons endowed with prosperity, strength and valorous exploits. You will rule over whole of the universe as devotees of Siva with your sense conquered. You will gain your former position after courting death at the hands of a manifestation of Siva.

Suta said-

On hearing these words of the noble-souled Narada, the two attendants of Siva became delighted and went back to their abode joyfully.

Narada too was delighted. Meditating exclusively on Siva he continued his wanderings over the earth seeing the various holy centers of Siva personally.

Reaching Kasi that excelled all other cities in holiness, which is favourite resort of Siva, which easily bestows the favour of Siva and which is identical with Siva the sage became contended. He saw Siva, the lord of Kasi and worshipped Him with great pleasure and love.

Narada then went to the region of Brahma with devotion and eulogized him with different prayers. With his mind being highly purified by remembering Siva. He was eager to know further the principles of Siva.

There he bowed to Brahma with devotion and eulogized him with various prayers. With his mind riveted to Siva he asked him the good principles of Siva.


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